Soul Food for Friday: Alarm or Opportunity?

This week’s Soul Food for Friday is from Ken Blanchard who asks, “Have you ever thought about that phrase — alarm  clock? What an awful concept. Why isn’t it the “opportunity” clock? Or the “it’s going to be a great day” clock?

So when your clock rings is it to signal an alarm or an opportunity?

I vote for the “it’s going to be a great day”, how about you?

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Blanchard’s co-author, Phil Hodges, wrote this poem, “Just Suppose” which leads me to see and seize the opportunities of the day ahead …

Just suppose, when I pray there really is someone listening who care about me and wants to know what is on my mind.

Just suppose, when I pray it changes me and my view of how the universe operates and who is involved.

Just suppose, I put my doubts aside for a minute and consider the possibility that someone who knew me before I was born loves me, warts and all, without condition or reservation, no matter how badly I have behaved in the past.

Just suppose, a prayer was my first response instead of my last resort when facing a new challenge or an old temptation.

Just suppose, I lived each day, knowing there is an inexhaustible supply of love for me to pass along to others.

 Just suppose.

So how’s the clock ringing now, alarm or opportunity? As David Hartman used to say on Good Morning America year ago, “Make it a great day!”


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