Soul Food for Friday: Learning to Walk in the True Path

Trying to discover your divine destiny? This week’s Soul Food for Friday is a quote from Mark Batterson’s book, Soul Print. In writing about Life Symbols (one of my favorite parts of his book), he quotes Gulag survivor Alexander Solzhenitsyn and this week’s Soul Food for Friday quote:

“Many lives have a mystical sense, but not everyone reads it aright. More often than not it is given to us in cryptic form and when we fail to decipher it, we despair because our lives seem meaningless. The secret of a great life is often a man’s success in deciphering the mysterious symbols vouchsafed to him, understanding them, and so learning to walk in the true path.”

I love that quote. Isn’t that the adventure of waking up each day, deciphering those clues, finding those symbols, and most of all learning to walk with Jesus in the truth path of one’s life. What “mysterious symbols” are you discovering today?

Want to read my review of Soul Print? Then click here.


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