The Isaac Challenge

Reading through the Bible this year, I discovered the Isaac Challenge in Genesis 26. You are probably thinking the Isaac Challenge is from Genesis 22, and his submitting to Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice. I have always thought it’s one thing for Abraham to be willing to sacrifice his son, it’s another that Isaac was willing to let him do it.

But the Isaac Challenge I discovered comes in Genesis 26:28 where Abimelek and his leadership team say to Isaac, “We saw clearly that the LORD was with you.” NIV 2011

For Abimelek and his entourage the issue is financial success. When Isaac lived among them, Isaac was blessed with wealth, but so was Abimelek. After Isaac is forced to move by Abimelek, Isaac doesn’t suffer, Abimelek seems to suffer his own version of the great recession.

And I started to wonder when do people say about Christ followers today, We saw clearly that the LORD was with you.

Quite common when Tim Tebow throws an 80 yard bomb to win on the 1st play of overtime, but was God with Tim when the Broncos dropped 3 in a row? (I think so, my guess is Tim does, too.)

Is the evidence of God’s presence seen only in victory and financial success? Or is it seen when Christ followers reach out to the poor and lift up their needs? Does my neighbor see that the LORD is with me, even more that I am with the LORD?

Who do you see the LORD with this day? Or how about the Isaac challenge, who do you think sees the LORD with you today?



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