A Joseph Christmas

This Advent I have been reading through Adam Hamilton’s, “The Journey: A Season of  Reflections“. It’s a companion to his book, The Journey.

One of my favorite insights I picked up from the book is about Joseph. Hamilton writes, “Unlike Mary, Joseph has no “lines”—we don’t read a single word he speaks in the Gospels. It is universally recognized that he played an important role in the life of Jesus, but there are no “hail Josephs” offered to him. He is the patron saint of those who serve and do the right thing without seeking any credit.”

The Journey: A Season of Reflections

Joseph’s not quoted, he simply serves. He doesn’t tweet, blog or post on Facebook. He simply serves. He has no tell all account that he gives in verbal or written form, he simply serves. Matthew tells us he is a righteous man. The Christmas story affirms that it’s true. Have yourself a Joseph Christmas, one ready to serve then be served. He passed that lesson along to his son as well. As Mark tells us, Jesus serves and gives his life as a ransom for many, and that includes you and me.

By the way I picked up this book up on November 19 thanks to DailyCheapReads.com under their free category. It now sells for $7.10 on Amazon. It’s a companion to Hamilton’s book, “The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem.” It was one of those free for a day books. It’s why I check Daily Cheap Reads on a daily basis, to see what’s available.

In addition to the great stories of the Bible, what else are you reading that is inspiring you this Advent season to get ready for Christmas?


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  1. Joseph was a dreamer. It seems God spoke to him and guided him in the night. I like that imagery because it affirms that God spoke through dreams and can speak today through them.

    Oh, by the way, my wife is good at checking those Daily Cheap Reads. I’ve gotten more books than I can read thanks to her. She may have even gotten Hamilton’s. I’ll have to check. Thanks for alerting me to it.

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