Book Review: Soul Print: Discovering Your Divine Destiny by Mark Batterson

“Soulprint. It’s not just who you are, present tense. It’s who you are destined to become, future tense,” writes Mark Batterson in SoulPrint: Discovering Your Divine Destiny.

I love books that deal with life’s purpose, especially divine purpose and Mark Batterson has not only written a treasure for those who search for their destiny. He even more provides tool to do some archaeological digging to find one’s purpose.

Mark is not only transparent with his life, throughout Soulprint he looks at the divine clues at work in the life of King David. He starts with David’s greatest triumph in battling Goliath, and David’s darkest hour and his affair with Bathsheba. For Soulprint is about God at work in all of life, it’s best moments and our moments of deep failure. God continues to lead us to discover one’s divine destiny.

Instead of writing in chapters, Mark writes in scenes. Each provides a window into one’s life and God’s work in one’s life. In Scene I Mark writes, “Success is not achieved in spite of these perceived disadvantages. It’s achieved because of them.” Most books now days look at strengths, but Mark sees the value of weakness. We develop skills in our disadvantages. Strength is found in our weaknesses.

In Scene II the discovery process continues with the idea of life symbols. What are the physical reminders in your life of God’s work? I loved this concept of not only lifting up such reminders, but being intentional in placing them in one’s life.

Scene III deals with the importance of integrity. One way to find God’s soulprint in your life is to look for His fingerprints.  If my life just features my fingerprints, and not evidence of God’s fingerprints, then I have not discovered his soulprint.

Scene IV came be summed in 2 words: “Embrace awkwardness.” Want 1 word? “Humility”. Such dependence on God opens one up to God’s hand at work.

Scene V deals with failure, sin, confusion in life. Even in these downward movements, God’s hand can still be found at work.

As I was reading through the book, I kept thinking it would be great to have some questions to ponder, work through, in finding one’s soul print. Sure enough, a double check of the Table of Contents shows that there are some questions with each “scene” to process, investigate, affirm, and best of all discover one’s soul print.

Soulprint is a great book for individuals who want to discover their purpose. For a small group, that is open, transparent and affirming, those extra-eyes on each other’s life could use this resource to build each other’s divine destiny. I highly recommend Soulprint. Click here to download a sample chapter and/or check out this video.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review through their Blogging for Books program. I was not required to give a positive review.


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