Gaining a Bigger Perspective

One of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs of the last few years is, “You are the God of this city.” The song reminds me to see church beyond the number of members who belong to the people of our community.

The world then looks a lot bigger and a lot smaller at the same time.

Bigger because we go from a thousand to millions.

Smaller because we all stand under (probably should be kneeling at this point) an awesome God who brings us together.

Easter Sunrise Service on Mount Helix in La Mesa, CA

Esther 4, has that great phrase, “for such a time as this” while Jeremiah 29 reminds me to pray for the welfare of the city.

Or as Bill Hybels taught me, “You have never locked eyes with someone who does not need the love of Christ.” He probably doesn’t use the double negative, but that’s how I remember it.

The person ahead of me in line in the grocery store with 17 items in the 15 item line (yes, I count). The driver who just cut me off, or who I just cut off. The kid looking down when he walks, the baby that smiles, the people waiting at the bus stop showing more patience then I have. They all need Christ, so do I. And the God I worship, the God I believe in, He is the God of this city. He is the God of your city as well.

This day take a moment to say a prayer for that person who crosses your path and the Holy Spirit prompts your heart. As the Christmas carols play in the mall where people have gathered to buy the perfect gift, may they realize the Perfect Gift God has already given. He is the God of the City.

Who is the Holy Spirit prompting you to pray for this day?



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