Soul Food for Friday: Strength for the Dark Night of the Soul

This week’s Soul Food for Friday is extra-special. A recent message that dealt with the dark night of the soul closed with a story of one of the great members of Christ Lutheran Church, named Connie.

Christ Lutheran Church Ministries

For a number of years Connie  has battled lyme disease. She has dealt with her own dark night of the soul, she was kind enough to share a portion of her story that I have permission to share with you.

This is what she says, “As I sit here within my 4 walls which is my home and now has become my prison. Most days I get dressed with some help from whoever is with me for the day, caring for my basic needs. The days are long and the nights are even longer. I know I am not alone. His presence is always with me. And I now see that this is not just about me, but about my son, family, neighbor, mailman, doctor, nurses, pharmacist or another Lyme patient who is waiting in the waiting room with me or whoever comes through my door.

Don’t think I haven’t been blessed. I have not just been blessed by Him and His promises but through all the women who have taken time to come help me with my chores, to give me my injections and meds when I need them, to pick me up when I fall, to rub my legs and talk to me while I go through yet another seizure. Everyone of them brings into my home yet another piece of the world from outside. They help me to survive another day of hopelessness and pain. But through all this I am closer to my Lord Jesus than I ever have been. It is because I have family, friends and a church family who pray for me.

One day someone very special to me sent me a card. And it said, “Don’t tell God how big your mountain is, but tell the mountain how big your God is.” Amen. And yes He is not finished with me yet. God Bless.”

When those “dark nights of the soul” come, where do you find your strength to continue to walk with God?


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