Soul Food for Friday: Hiding Ugly or Bringing Out Beauty?

I may get in trouble for this week’s Soul Food for Friday, but I love this quote from E. Glenn Wagner:

“Cosmentics (makeup) have two basic purposes. The first is to hide ugly. Some people just paste on the makeup wherever the blemish is, and hope it doesn’t rain. The second purpose is to enhance beauty. It draws attention to the beauty that’s already there — the high cheekbones, the bright eyes, the glowing smile. Although I’m no expert on makeup, it seems to me that the second use is the better use. Bringing out beauty is much better than just hiding ugly.”

Glenn Wagner

Find out more about E. Glenn Wagner at

Too often our goal is to hide ugly, but denial is never a food for the soul path to follow. But bringing out beauty that is an incredible path to follow.

And just for the record, if you use makeup, let’s just affirm my belief you are using it to bring out your beauty. You have our thanks.

And for those of you who bring out the beauty in the rest of us, you are the ones feeding our souls this day.

So where is God calling you to bring out His beauty today?


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