Leadership Lessons from Ecclesiastes: Checking Your Perspective on Life

Reading through the Bible this year has led me through Ecclesiastes. Don’t worry. I survived. I have a tough time reading a book where the key word is “Pointless” (GOD’S WORD) or “meaningless” (NIV 1984) or some other depressing word.

Typically it’s a tough read. There’s the wedding / new year’s section from chapter 3, that covers all the times of life. Then there’s the end, that fearing God is wisdom. But God doesn’t seem to come up too often in this book.

Someone recently explained to me the reason why. Solomon’s does a great job of looking at life lived under heaven, living life from the best humanity offers, not the perspective God has for life. Solomon pursues wealth, significance, pleasure, it all ends up pointless, meaningless. To me, it’s depressing.

I finally realized that’s his point. Life without God’s point of view can only bring moments of satisfaction, and eternity of meaningless.

Through Heaven's Eyes: The Prince of Egypt in Story and Song (Prince of Egypt)

There’s a better perspective I remember from the movie, “Prince of Egypt”. It’s my favorite scene. Moses on the run runs into Jethro, who challenges him to look at his life from heaven’s eyes. That bigger perspective makes all the difference for Moses, for Israel, for you and me.

So how’s your perspective on life. Are you looking at life under heaven or from heaven’s eyes?



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2 responses to “Leadership Lessons from Ecclesiastes: Checking Your Perspective on Life

  1. Your message lines up with what I spoke about Sunday morning as a guest speaker in a small town church. My question was “What story are you telling yourself–the latest headlines or the unchanging one God tells us through Scripture?”

    I enjoyed reading Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” which challenges the reader to live a better story.

  2. Ashley Turner

    Thank you for this Mr. Burkey! I have definitely been thinking about this lately and figuring out my perspective on life! Your blog is so encouraging by the way I read every post!

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