Soul Food for Friday: “Turn out the lights”

This week’s Soul Food for Friday is inspired by the power outage San Diego County had for 12 hours and the start of the NFL season.

As Dandy Don Meredith used to crone, “Turn out the lights the party’s over.”

Sunset in San Diego

Yet in San Diego in some ways it had just begun as the lights went out. Driving home was a lesson in patience and prayer. I have never been so thankful for green lights as for the 3 I caught driving home, as well as navigating the 2 that were out.

Kept thinking as the power was out, and the neighbors were outside how different life was. No TV, but families playing together. Generations interacting. Appreciating the light of the sun, and the beauty of a night time sky.

Sharon fortunately had done a great job of preparing us for emergency times. Our one mistake was our 9 volt batteries for our radios had expired in March of this year. We hadn’t needed them for so long.

I hear I missed a great 1st game of the season between the Packers and the Saints, but there is still plenty of football left. The power is back and appreciated. Kids are happy because though we don’t have snow days in San Diego, we do have power outage days and its a day off for many.

Dandy Don used to think when the lights went out, the party was over. For many in San Diego, when the lights went out, the party had just begun.

Thanks San Diego Gas & Electric for getting us back on line in 10 hours (our power was back on by 2 a.m.), and for getting everyone’s power back up by 4:30 a.m. Great job!

So are you ready for when the lights go out?


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