What are Your 5 Words to Sum up the Good News of Jesus?

One of the intriguing questions of the Leadership Summit that I am processing is when Bill Hybels asked, “What 5 words best describe the Good News of Jesus Christ?”

They don’t have to make a sentence. They can be the cliff notes, or signs along the way that lead someone to know who Jesus is.

His words were: Love, Evil, Rescue, Choice, Restoration.

What were your 5 be?

Here’s my 5:






The challenge is coming up with just 5, that fit who you are and even more the good news of who Jesus is.

My 5 work out this way as of now (I’m still processing): Life is not an accident, God has a purpose for our lives. That purpose reflects his incredible love (almost went with that one) for all people, including you and me.

An Evil force exists in this world that seeks to pull us away from that divine purpose, rob us of that divine love, and separate us from all that God desires to do in our lives and through our lives.

The result has been an existence apart from God, and the only way out is that God sent His Son Jesus on the Rescue mission to save us. He faced life like we faced it. He died to pay a debt we could not pay. He rose again that we might have life.

In this rescue we could not save ourselves, He saved us by His Gift. It’s that gift of faith that leads us to life.

It’s that gift of faith that leads to Transformation of our lives back to God’s original purpose, to the life He always intended. The force of evil is still at work seeking to separate us from God and each other, but the rescue mission’s objective has been accomplished, Jesus is the gift of God to transform our lives.

Still needs some work, but as I think through what my 5 words to sum up the gospel, that’s where I’m at. How about you? Ready to share your 5 words?


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  1. good blog mate, thanks for sharing

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