Soul Food for Friday: The Next 5, Best 5 Challenge

Bill Hybels roughed me up a bit at the latest leadership challenge. He “rung my bell”, which is typical of a Bill Hybels leadership talk. He knows our world needs the best leaders have to offer, and that to bring anything less than one’s A game to God’s call on your life is to cheat not only God, but also yourself and us.

That leads to this week’s Soul Food for Friday quote. In his talk at the Global Leadership Summit, he shared how the couples who started Willow and are still at Willow got together to celebrate 35 years of ministry. One of them looked at Bill and said, “The next 5, the best 5.” Committing himself as well as challenging the others in the room to believe God and commit themselves to make the next 5 years their best years in ministry.

I love that quote, “The next 5, the best 5.” At our staff retreat, even more than love I made that commitment public. During our retreat as we listened to Dallas Willard and John Ortberg talk about the Heart of Worship, we took time for an offering. This time not of finances, but whatever you would commit in the next year to God (and that could include finances). I handed out 3×5 cards for everyone to write out their gift and to keep with them in the year ahead. My card (now in my wallet) says, “The next 5, the best 5.”

On August 25, 2016, I hope to re-up for another 5 more. Until then, want to join me in the challenge? Are you ready to sign up with God to make “the next 5, the best 5”? The ride may get bumpy, but with Him it’s always the best place to be. Consider it my next 5, best 5 challenge. Sign up today with your comment below.


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  1. Simply, easy-to-repeat statement that packs a powerful wallop when you think about it and respond to its challenge. Thanks, Richard, for sharing.

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