Michelle Rhee & Waiting for Superman

Part of my processing the Global Leadership Summit are the tools, articles, and action steps that follow each session. Last year that led to the discovery of Michael Hyatt’s blog, and better time management on my part.

This year, one of my initial steps, was watching, “Waiting for Superman” after hearing Michelle Rhee’s story of the state of public education and her work to transform schools.

I appreciated her quote, “There’s nothing more worthwhile than fighting for children. And I’m not done fighting.”

Then I watched “Waiting for Superman” which includes Rhee and many others looking at the educational decline of American public education. Solutions are presented. Plans that actually work and educate, and still students suffer.

One of the challenges of watching the movie is watching students wait for their number to be called so they can get into a magnet school or a charter school. I felt the pain of those who waited with eager anticipation, having heard their story and commitment to learn, and not have their number drawn because something like 30 openings and 750 plus signed up for those 3o openings.

I am sure the educational challenges are more than the movie provides. The issue involves parental commitment as well as teacher quality, but status quo doesn’t cut it. We are falling behind as a country in education, way behind.

That’s why I love Christ Lutheran School, quality education that also includes faith. That’s also why I volunteer at La Mesa Dale Elementary, my small part to help the educational process. Tuesday was my 1st day back on the playground, nice to be welcomed back by staff and hugged by students. Yet I realize so much more needs to be done.

Waiting for Superman reminded me it’s not simply an issue for parents with school age kids. It’s an issue for all of us, to demand the best for our kids. And that will take leadership that makes tough decisions. We seem to be a bit light on that one as the recent deficit discussions from Sacramento to D.C. have proven. Pray for gutsy leaders to lead the way.

Also, say a prayer of thanks for the best teacher you had, especially the one that taught you to read, and say a prayer for the best to be brought out of teachers and students, for tough decisions to be made that will make a difference not just for your family, but for our community.

So who was your best teacher when you went to school? Why was he or she so special?



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