A Leader’s Question: What Can I Give?

Part of my daily ritual is to reflect on the day that has passed: what I learned, what happened, what needs to be corrected next time around and what God is saying to me.

For years I struggled to make this a daily ritual, then I committed to work through a brief chapter of Bill Hybel’s book, Axiom, and reflect on the axiom of the day. That simple habit built a stronger discipline of daily reflection. Next up was John Maxwell’s Daily Reader, 365 brief chapters on leadership. Now I am working through, The Daily Drucker that features excerpts from the writing of Peter Drucker.

The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done

Though I have never read one of his books, I know Peter Drucker to be the management guru. He is known for questions: What business are you in? How’s business? are his 2 key questions for business.

Yet in a recent reflection, his quote for the day featured this question for executives to ask: “What should I contribute?” As I reflected I though that’s a leader’s question: What can I give? Most people at work or in life or unfortunately even in the church ask, “What can I get?” But a leader asks, “What can I give?” What’s my contribution? How can I make a difference?

One of my favorite verses in the book of Esther is Esther 4:14b, “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” God’s purpose may have brought you to this moment, to this situation, to this day to make a difference.

That’s what makes life exciting for me — making a difference in the life of another, especially when time and eternity are on the line.

What can I give?” is more then a financial question, it’s a question about life and living. The challenge is to focus on purpose and pursuing God’s agenda for the day.

What can I give?” takes my eyes off of myself and even more looks at my part in the world around me and the contribution I can make.

As you begin a new day, what’s the contribution you seek to make? How do you answer the leader’s question: “What can I give?


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  1. That is an interesting way to convert “contribute” to “give”. Thanks for the thought to consider. Drucker’s “The Effective Executive” is a very good and short read. I highly recommend it.

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