Processing the Summit

One of the great aspects of the Leadership Summit is that it is more than a 2 day event. The insights, quotes, ideas, principles not only last through the year, they add to one’s foundation for leadership. They are new tools in the leadership tool kit.

Sometimes they are simple tools like a new attitude and outlook towards life. Bill Hybels quoted a friend of his that the next 5 years would be the best 5. Led to a new mantra, “Next 5, best 5.” Key attitude for leaders to have is always to bring their best. Sign me up for the next 5, best 5 outlook.

Other times the summit calls for a greater commitment to hard work. Steven Furtick used the store of Elisha in 1 Kings 3 for a call to dig ditches. The story is of kings in battle who are suffering for a drought. They ask Elisha to ask God for rain. His response is before God sends the rains, you’ve got to dig some ditches. That’s hard work, especially in the midst of a drought. But those kings give the order, the ditches are dug, and the rains come.

Patrick Lencioni, one of my favorite business authors, talked about the power of vulnerability and transparency in leadership. We seek to put on our best face, what’s needed most is an honest face. Such honesty empowers telling the truth when things are bad, and you have to critique a client, as well as having the fortitude to speak the truth with integrity even if it looks like doing so will cost you a client or friend.

Then there was Momma Maggie Groban, who I would call the Mother Teresa of Egypt. The power of her humble spirit was moving. She taught me the power of an open heart to God that hears His call and shares His love in the world.

The Summit lessons will continue in the years ahead. Its why I love the Summit its not just 2 day of leadership inspiration. Its 2 days of leadership training for leadership living. Thank Willow for another great Summit, and to Journey Community Church in La Mesa for their great job hosting once again.

So what great leadership lesson from a conference years ago still drives your leadership today?


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