Great Book to Read: Today We are Rich

Just finished reading a great book, “Today We Are Rich” by Tim Sanders. He tells the story of lessons his grandmother taught him that continue to transform his life.

I loved the book because he dealt with getting beyond “sideways energy/living” and back on track for on-purpose living. One great question I picked up for myself is, “What great practices are missing from your life that were present when you were at your best?”

Today We Are Rich

Some of the advice to some will seem simple. Feed your mind good stuff. Move the conversation forward. Exercise your gratitude muscle (one of my favorite chapters in the book). Give to be rich. Prepare yourself. Balance your confidence. Promise made, promise kept. That may seem simple, but the best advice usually is. Life is not as complicated as we make it. The challenge is often the execution of doing what we know needs to be done.

That’s why I love this book, it’s an invitation to get back to the basics of building one’s life on purpose from feeding my mind to living out in gratitude to God and others. Instead of spinning my wheels, it’s an invitation and direction in living on-purpose.

Such direction begins with the title itself, “Today we are rich.” It’s based not on a growing 401 (k) account, but a story of Tim and his grandmother helping a poor man find his way, when they themselves were poor. At the end of the day, his grandma says, “Today we are rich.” My sister, her husband, and my nieces are here to visit — “Today we are rich.”

Life’s greatest wealth is found in the gift of faith, family and a future. Living out one’s purpose and feeding the fuel for that on-purpose life is a rich life.

Thanks to Tim. You can get a free pdf of the book at his web site for the book. Thanks to, I was able to pick up the kindle version for free when it first came out. It’s now $9.99 on the amazon web site. Still a great investment, a great book of motivation.

So what are the practices you recognize in your life when you are living “on-purpose”? And if they are missing today, when will you get back to the basics in your life?


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