Advancing Christ from Generation to Generation … Keep on … Still … Always

Certain projects in life define you. You invest not only huge amounts of time, but also blood, sweat, tears, money, prayer, your heart and soul.

Reading through the Bible this year led me to Psalm 78. One of the longer psalms, one by Asaph who wrote 12 of the 150. Asaph means “God gathers”. He writes as one who has been overwhelmed by life, but has learned to hold on to God no matter what. It’s a message he wants to pass on from generation to generation. Through his 12 psalms, that work continues.

That leads me to a verse and a half out of Psalm 78. For most of the new millenia, my life was focused on Psalm 78:4b and 6 from the NIV, 4b We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done … 6 so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children.

Christian elementary and middle school

Christ Lutheran School

Those verses have great meaning because in 2004 they were the theme verses for a stewardship emphasis to raise funds to build a new school facility for Christ Lutheran School. Our goal was not simply to build a new building, our goal was focused in advancing Christ from generation to generation. We had been using a facility before Al Gore had thought up the internet, and recognized the need to add a great facility to a great staff and even greater God who wanted to reach families.

Follow up years built on that phrase “Advancing Christ from generation to generation” with words like “Keep on advancing”, then “Still Advancing” and “Always advancing”. With the building completed, the building of lives continues. We keep on, still and always advancing Christ.

Less then 4 weeks from the start of a new school year, the building process of young lives continues and Christ continues to be the goal. As the years pass, “the children yet to be born” are being born, and getting near the age of enrollment for pre-school and an incredible process of dynamic discipleship development.

I remember in 2004 sharing that one day we would be in heaven, and someone would come up and thank us for the sacrifices we had made and how God had used our school to introduce them to faith in Jesus. Some of the dear people who sacrificed are now in heaven, and as a new year begins we continue to keep on and to still and even more to always  advance Christ from generation to generation.

What legacy of faith has been passed on to you? What legacy are you passing on to others?


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