Psalm 61 No Matter Where You are God’s Listening

Reading through the Bible this year, I am working my way through the Psalms. I’ve made it to the Psalms in the 60’s. I don’t hear many people quote from those Psalms. Usually it’s Psalm 23 or 27 or 46 or 51 or 119 or ????

But here’s to Psalm 61:1-21Listen to my cry for help, O God. Pay attention to my prayer. 2From the ends of the earth, I call to you  when I begin to lose heart. Lead me to the rock that is high above me.

Psalm 61 is a psalm of David, seems like he was king at the time and the weight of leadership and life is heavy upon him. That’s the beauty of verse 1, when life weighs David down, he goes to God who can lift Him up.

Verse 2 reminds me David believes God not only knows the way to lift David up. David knows God is the one who can lift him up. Lead me to the Rock, that solid foundation, that immovable object, that power that I need.

To assure himself and to praise God, David reminds himself and us in verse 3You have been my refuge, a tower of strength against the enemy. Great principle at play here. Remember what God has done to be renewed in what God is going to do, and in David’s case what You need Him to do.

In the rest of the psalm David commits to worship God all His days, and seeks God’s favor at work in the king’s life in every generation. In verse 6 he writes, Add days upon days to the life of the king. May his years endure throughout every generation.

It’s the last phrase throughout every generation that point me to Christ. Great leaders point people to Jesus with their prayers, through their problems, in their perseverance. Great leaders in their life reflect the One who is the life.

What I love about this psalm which for me is typically an obscure psalm is David’s idea no matter what God is listening, and I can connect with Him in prayer. In that connection David reminds me how God brings past, present, and future together in Christ. That connection fuels my leadership and keeps me on-purpose.

What reminds you to stay connected with God in prayer?



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6 responses to “Psalm 61 No Matter Where You are God’s Listening

  1. Scripture and spiritual hunger (that feeling I’m missing a key ingredient to life) help me stay connected or reconnect with God in prayer.

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