Soul Food for Friday: Trusting God’s Heart

This week’s Soul Food for Friday comes from Charles Spurgeon. Evangelical Christians know him as the prince of preachers. He preached in England in the 19th century. Some pastors still use his sermons.

I’m not one of them, but I do use some of his quotes from time to time, and this week soul food for Friday is my favorite Spurgeon quote. “I cannot always trace God’s hand, but I can always trust God’s heart.”

Morning and Evening (A contemporary version of a devotional classic based on the King James Version)

One of many versions of Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions

Those words bring great comfort when life doesn’t goes as plan or seems out of control or the latest tragedy/crisis is happening. Spurgeon’s words remind me of the promise of Immanuel — God with us. Even more this God who is with us is there to bring out the best in us.

When the world seems out of control, I trust the one who holds the world and even you and me in His hands.

What’s a favorite “preacher” quote that fuels your soul?



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2 responses to “Soul Food for Friday: Trusting God’s Heart

  1. Dan

    Trust appears to be a theme running through my life both in the world and in my devotional life. Thank you for this great reminder to trust in God’s plan for my life! I recall first joining CLS and hearing you say to my children at communion, “God has an awesome plan for your life.” Although the adults weren’t necessarily your primary audience, both of us have been so appreciative of hearing that gentle reminder often. It seems to me now that whatever goal, challenge, or relationship one would like God to bless, it begins with trust. As I consider this it seems as though God is asking me, “Do you trust me enough to let me bless you?” I pray that I do, and go into this day with a happy heart knowing “God has an awesome plan for my life.”

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