Leader as Pathfinder

What image or word describes a leader? Drill Sergeant? Quarterback? A builder? A hot air balloon? (so many possibilities with that one!)

One of my favorite books of the past year is Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose through the Power of Words  by Ken W. Hall. He digs into the meaning of words. Their etymology, their background, their history. I know sounds boring, but not really.

Aspire Publisher: William Morrow; Reprint edition

For me he made words come alive. I loved his love for words, digging deep into their meaning, and presenting them in a way that motivates me to fulfill God’s purpose. I came with not only some great illustrations, but a greater appreciation for digging deeper into words and their meaning for my life.

My favorite was the word leadership. In tracing its background, that led to the image Pathfinder from the sanskrit word Guru, one who leads from darkness (gu) to light (ru).

Some leadership situations feel like you are walking deep into the gu, and in some serious need of Ru, of light.

John Maxwell defines leadership as “influence nothing more, nothing less.” Wise leaders use that influence to lead their people out of the gu and into the ru. They show them the path and the way to find that path. Maybe that’s why Ken Blanchard sees Jesus as the greatest leader of them all?

What’s your favorite image for a leader? How are you seeing it at work today?

Want to read more about Jesus as the ultimate guru, read Follow the Ru into the Gu.


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