Unbroken: Never Give Up on What God Can Do

While on vacation I read Unbroken, Laura Hillenbrand’s newest book, a biography of Louie Zamperini. (She also wrote Seabiscuit).

A friend had suggested I’d love Unbroken and I did. Hillenbrand is a gifted researcher and writer, and the story she tells is powerful. SPOILER ALERT: I knew the ending before I read the story, and here it is: Zamperini has an incredible life — juvenile delinquent/petty thief, Olympic runner, World War II pilot, who survives in the ocean after his plane crashes, then a brutal imprisonment in Japan until the war’s end, and then a post-war life of post traumatic stress syndrome before people knew what PTSD was.

The book looks like it will be the story of a tragedy. You keep wondering how is he going to make it? Then tricked by his wife, he ends up at a Billy Graham crusade, walks out once, is ready to walk out a 2nd time, but God grabs him and his life is transformed.

Never give up on what God can do. Never give up yourself or anyone else. Never give up because God never does. Tragedy, torment, trouble and in the end transformation.

Louie Zamperini’s story is incredible, and Laura Hillendbrand is a great story teller. But your story is incredible as well, and God is the great story maker. What story is he writing in your life?


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