5 Great Books I Got Thanks to DailyCheapReads.Com/Category/Free

After purchasing a Kindle, I was looking for “free” books that I got put on my Kindle. I quickly found web sites that provided classics from Augustine to Luther, from Melville to Twain. They were easily and readily available.

Then I came across DailyCheapReads.Com and their “free” book update. They follow the Amazon tracking system so I don’t have to with the latest in free books. Most are recently publish or about to be published. And most (and this is important) are free for a brief time. That’s why I check about once a day to see what the latest news is. Over time Christian publishers form Abingdon to Zondervan have made books available for free.

My guess is to get the word out, and to raise reader awareness. Perhaps even more to raise the books ranking on Amazon. (Amazon provides a list of their top 100 free books on Kindle).

So here’s my top 5, some I’ve read, some I plan to read.

1. The Message New Testament and Psalms. NavPress made this one available. Eugene Peterson provides a great devotional paraphrase of the Bible that seeks to put the words of the Bible in the heart language of today. Most translations go for a word for word equivalent, but Peterson goes more for a thought for thought. It is  a great devotional resources to use.

2. The English Standard Version of the Bible. This one is a more literal translation of the Bible. I am not a big fan of the ESV as it is known, it’s a bit “wooden” to read, but it seeks to be accurate word for word, though at times it feels something gets lost in translation. Last year the ESV was the Bible I read through in a year.

3. Today We are Rich by Tim Sanders. I’m looking forward to reading this one. I heard Sanders at a Willow Creek Leadership Summit a few years ago. In this book, he speaks of the power of the lessons his grandmother taught him. One of my favorites is the power of gratitude. And yes, I was grateful fora free e-copy.

4. Leading on a Higher Level by Ken Blanchard. This book provides a great summary of all that Blanchard teaches. I began it while on a long flight back from India, and still am working to finish it. A great read for a leader to read from a master leader who seeks to follow the Master.

5. Passage to India by E. M. Forester. Having developed a love for India, this classic seems like a great read before my next trip.

There have been many others from faith to business, from cooking to history, from learning more about the brain and learning better to sleep, background to Christmas carols and brief biographies of leaders and a couple good mysteries along the way. All at a price I can afford (that is free), and all worth a click to check out. As Ken Blanchard would say, “I’m a raving fan!”

And if you don’t have a kindle, you can get the kindle app on your computer and download that way. I had gotten my Kindle to simply not to have so many books to carry to read on long flights, the added bonus has been the free books I discover on DailyCheapReads.Com. Check them out, and yes I still get free books the old fashioned way. Checking them out from our local library. Next on my reading list is Unbroken, a powerful story I hear.

So what free books are you enjoying this summer?


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