1 Word that Changes Eternity

Celebrating Pentecost (the birth of the Church) and reading through the Bible in the year, I find myself in John 19 and the crucifixion of Jesus. It’s on the cross in John’s account, that Jesus says that incredible word from the cross, “It is finished.” 1 word I learned in Greek, Tetelestai. Perfect tense — that means it happened in the past but it has implications for today.

Tetelestai — 1 word that changes eternity. Our sins have been paid in full on the cross. The power of leadership flows out of that gift, that call.

Thanks to bela_kiefer / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Without Tetelestai there is no Pentecost. Without Tetelestai, we are still on the hook for the debt. But the word is spoken, and even more His life was given that we might have life.

What a great reminder of why we are here, and why we can lead and live with confidence. It is paid in full. It is finished.

Always good to remember that Jesus said, “It is finished.” Not, “I am finished.” His life is almost over at this point, but His focus is not on His life, but His gift to the world. His mission will be accomplished. He will pay in full for the sins of all. That’s what’s finished.

So what sins do you need to turn over to Him? What grace experience do you need to have? Tetelestai — “It is finished” and our work continues to share that message with the world.

Want to read more about the 7 Words from the Cross? Check out my post, “The Good in Good Friday.”


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  1. Not only did Christ finish paying for our sins by dying on the cross, He rose again so we could be assured that His payment for our debt was accepted.

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