Soul Food for Friday: What Kind of Bible Reader are You?

This Friday’s quote comes from David Platt’s book, Radical: Take Back Your Faith from the American Dream. Always a good move to make since most Americans think the most popular verse in the Bible is “God helps those who help themselves.” When the Bible actually teaches, “God helps those who cannot help themselves. ” And that would include you and me.


Radical by David Platt

Here’s this week’s soul food for Friday quote from David Platt, “I often ask members of our church if they are receivers or reproducers of God’s Word.”

If  I am receiver, my main question is, “What’s in it for me?”

If I am a reproducer, my main question is, “How can I best share this with others?”

This applies not only to God’s Word, but in being a developing dynamic disciple for Christ. Am I receiving or reproducing?

What helps you to reproduce God’s work in you in others?



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3 responses to “Soul Food for Friday: What Kind of Bible Reader are You?

  1. I read this in the morning but am thankful I didn’t respond earlier. In reading it through again, I recognize the distinction you make, Richard, between receiver and reproducer but I’m not sold on the demarcation. When John writes about the Light entering the world, he says, “But to as many as received him…” Receiving comes first then reproducing. The ground receives the seed. The seed reproduces. I’m the soil and the Word is the good seed. It’s late and I shouldn’t still be up but I like the questions you ask and the stuff you’re writing. Thanks for providing an avenue for a weary mind to express itself.

  2. You pick up an important distinction. Receiving comes first, then the reproduction. Challenge is when those who reproduce only receive. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I thought about how I’d describe those who receive without reproducing (sterile just came to mind and that’s pretty descriptive but…). Do you have a fit faith or a fat faith? Do you receive from God and give to others? Or do you receive and receive and get fat on your faith without exercising it?

      There is a balance. If you exercise without eating, you grow weary (long enough with the one and not the other you die). If you eat without exercising, you grow fat. Interesting to note that you also feel tired (again weary) and you die.

      This sounds like the start of a message or a post. Thanks for inviting me into a stimulating train of thought.

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