Soul Food for Friday: Quote for On-Purpose Living

So besides your blog (and mine), what’s your favorite type of blog post? Every Thursday, Mary Jo Asmus on her Aspire – CS blog has Thought-full Thursday, where she shares a quote to chew on and ponder.

I love collecting quotes. I even enjoy reading quote books. With a powerful quote in a few words, with a turn of a phrase, deep truth can be shared and planted deep within one’s heart and soul.

So as one who writes a blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, is it possible to have a Thought-full Thursday type blog?

Monday Musings? Words for Wednesday? Food for Friday? And yes, food for Friday won.

The quote for this week’s Food for Friday comes from memory. Back in the 1990s, I attended a seminar on 4 Skills Seminary Never Taught Me. One of the books to read ahead of time was Kevin McCarthy’s, The On-Purpose Person. The book lit a fire within me not only to find my purpose but to help others find their’s. The fire still burns today.

1992 Cover for The On Purpose Person by Kevin W. McCarthy

The quote that I attribute to the book is, “Your purpose is as individual as your own fingerprints.” My goal was not to be the next Luther, Warren, Hybels, Lucado or Maxwell (a goal I have accomplished quite easily). My goal is to be the me God made me to be, an adventure of life that calls me to stay on-purpose (a goal I am still pursuing daily).

Those 9 words brought together a passion for life and a purpose for living. McCarthy’s book helped me to see that just as I could be living on-purpose, I could also be living off-purpose.

So here’s some food for your soul this Friday, thanks to Kevin McCarthy, “Your purpose is as individual as your own fingerprints.”

How are you living on-purpose?

When does life feel off-purpose?

What are signs of your unique divine fingerprints in your life?

What quote is feeding your soul this Friday?



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2 responses to “Soul Food for Friday: Quote for On-Purpose Living

  1. I’m reading Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in A Thousand Years.” In one chapter, he writes about a conversation with his friend Jason. Jason’s 13-year-old daughter has a one-syllable boyfriend (yeah, no, why) and she’s stashed pot in a bedroom drawer. Jason is concerned about his daughter’s future.

    Don says, “…she’s just not living a very good story. She’s caught up in a bad one.” He then unfolds basically the book’s premise: to live a better story. That idea resonates with me. I want to live a better story.

  2. Great quote. Makes me wonder what kind of story am I writing today with my life? Thanks for the input.

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