2 Pillars of Leadership

Having a strong foundation for leadership is key in being a wise leader. Core values, mission statements, a vision that calls people forward into the future is viewed as essential in developing strong leadership.

Then in reading through the Bible in a year, I come across 2 Chronicles 3:17-1817He set up the pillars in front of the temple, one on the right and the other on the left. He named the one on the right Jachin [He Establishes] and the one on the left Boaz [In Him Is Strength] (GOD’S WORD). What I like about the GOD’S WORD translation is it occasionally gives the meaning of the names listed instead of looking at the footnotes in most other translations to find the meaning.

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In 2 Chronicles 3:17-18 are 2 pillars for the building of Solomon’s temple, but as I read them I also saw them as pillars of leadership. Take these 2 pillars away and everything crumbles.

1. Jachin (He establishes). Who do you recognize as the source of your leadership? For most people to establish their leadership, they look at their title or position. When you read the Bible you discover God loves to establish leaders no one else would choose. David, the youngest son and a shepherd boy. Samuel misses seeing him, but not God. Jesus 12 disciples, who else would have chosen them? Or how about taking the #1 persecutor of the church, Saul, and establishing him as Paul, #1 church planter and New Testament book writer? Or how about using a cross to establish the Christian faith? A symbol of death becomes the source of life. He establishes.

Leadership is influence. God places us each day in positions to influence, whether it be Facebook, twitter, e-mailing or blogging, or whether it be lunch with a friend, CEO of a company, or pastor of a church. God establishes the place and people in Your life to influence to be with Him. Watch for what He establishes as opportunities today.

2. Boaz (In Him is strength). Where do you find the power to sustain your leadership day in and day out? Many would say look in, have a strong ego, a belief in one’s self. As valuable as it is to have a good self-image, it’s even more valuable to thank God for His image at work in our lives. Ken Blanchard says we all have an ego, the question is what kind of Ego do we have? Do we Edge God Out or Exalt God Only? Boaz leaders exalt God only. They realize in Him is strength.

The word Boaz might be familiar. A man named Boaz marries Ruth, and his leadership is one that His divine strength at work. Ruth and Boaz, you and me, quickly discover that in the pillars of leadership, in Him is strength. Draw on His strength to lead today.

Want to build a strong foundation of leadership? Want to build a life that matters? Remember the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, He establishes and in Him is strength? What pillars are guiding your leadership these days?



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3 responses to “2 Pillars of Leadership

  1. The God’s Word translation sounds cool.
    Thank you for sharing your insights.

  2. Funny the things that stick out of Scripture. In this case, Boaz. If you’d asked what are the two pillars’ names, I could remember Boaz. I wouldn’t remember context or where the answer came from or the pillars of what or even Jachin as the other pillar, but I’d just know, “Boaz!”

    Two things I note as I read your article. One is how you challenge your readers to read the Bible. You don’t say, “You should read the Bible,” but you reiterate the importance of Scripture with these oft-written words: “…in reading through the Bible in a year…” Your example speaks volumes.

    Second, you take a sliver of Scripture–two somewhat obscure terms, Jachin and Boaz–and allow that sliver to penetrate into our hearts with a message that is both relevant and profound. Thanks for the power of God’s Word being delivered through your words. Glad I’m a subscriber.

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