Use Your Gifts

Do you remember your best day in 7th grade? This year at Christ Lutheran School, the best day in 7th grade was not the 1st day of school nor is it the last day of school. The best day isn’t even March 14th, National Pi/Pie day. May 5th is the best day. Just happens to be Cinco de Mayo, but even more it is Spiritual Gifts Discovery day.

All this year long 7th graders at Christ Lutheran study spiritual gifts,  on May 5th they opened their gifts — Hospitality, Leadership, Mercy, Exhortation, Teaching, even one Martyrdom, and so many more. What a thrill to see the list of gifts and even more the faces of those who have opened the gifts. Now here’s the challenge for 7th graders and the rest of us, once you find your gifts, make sure to put them to use.

Thanks to Danilo Rizzuto for Christmas Gift

On Christmas there is great excitement when opening a present. But when someone gives you a gift, they don’t give you a gift to merely open, they give it to you to use. I will admit I am male, therefore, I am gift buying challenged. But the Holy Spirit knows exactly what to give. No veg-o-matics. No snuggies. No soap on a rope. Not even a George Foreman grill.

Before creation, the Holy Spirit planned this day. He waited until May 5, 2011 to reveal to these 7th graders that glorious day they discovered their spiritual gifts. He kept giving hints. Friends, families, and wise teachers knew. But on May 5th, oh, that was the great day to be in 7th grade — the best day of the year. Gifts were opened.

Great leaders help others to discover and use their gifts, spiritual and otherwise. For me, it is the greatest joy of leadership when someone discovers their “giftedness” and realizes their purpose in life.

We often think the great joy is opening the gift, but the gifts the Spirit gives — the great joy is in using them and watching what He can do when we do. So 7th grade open those gifts with joy, but even more put them to use and watch the joy multiply and we will thank God for the gifts He has given us in you.

So what spiritual gifts have you received? How are you putting them to use today?


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  1. The gift of encouragement and hospitality both are expressions of the Holy Spirit through my life as well as my wife Ellen’s. I’m currently listening to an audio-version of “I’m Proud of You” about a journalist’s friendship with Fred Rogers. I’m thrilled to hear how Mr. Rogers encouraged Tim Madigan. Fred’s life inspires me to be a more generous soul.

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